WE.VESTR 2022 Wrapped

A look back at 2022, plus a toast to what's to come in 2023!

WE.VESTR 2022 Wrapped

Just like that, 2022 has come to an end! Can you believe it? 😲

What a year it was for not only WE.VESTR, but for our community of founders, investors, and startups. We wish all of you - our customers, partners, advisors and more - a fruitful and adventurous 2023.

And, while most of what we do is about the future 🚀, we thought we would reminisce a bit about headlines from the past year.

Shall we?

WE.VESTR Grew From a Cap Table Management Tool to an Equity Platform Last Year

Product ➡️ Platform

2022 was loaded with new WE.VESTR features and upgrades. So many, that we've gone from a cap table management tool to an equity management platform.

Highlights include:

📊 Scenario Modeling: Founders can now model out different cap table scenarios based on various fundraising approaches, bringing more transparency to the fundraising experience and efficiency between founders and investors.

🤝 ESOP Participant Portal: ESOP participants like board members and startup employees can now see the value of their equity and exercise shares in real-time via the ESOP Participant Portal.

📈 Accounting API: Users can now connect WE.VESTR to their Exact accounting software and auto-update their Revenue, Costs, P&L, and Cash Flow. Soon, users will be able to connect with Sage, Xero, and Quickbooks.

👉 Check out all the latest features in our our release recap.

2022 Included Customers in 20 Countries, Events in 9 Countries, and Employees in 3 Continents!

WE.VESTR Worldwide!

We racked up some serious flying miles this year!

Not only did we help customers in 20 different countries, we also visited 9 different countries including trips to Web Summit (Portugal), SLUSH (🥶 Finland in December seen above), Fintech Abu Dahbi (UAE), London Fintech Week (UK), ViennaUP (Austria), and a trade mission with the Dutch Embassy in Germany (seen above).

In addition to spreading the good WE.VESTR word, we also brought our team from 3 separate continents into Amsterdam for a week of bonding and fun.

And on top of it all, we found the time to open an office of our very own in London.

WE.VESTR Grew to More than 25 Employees Last Year!

We're Growing Up...but Still Fun 😏

After finalizing our €1,5M fundraise in June, our team has grown to more than 25 people!

A few highlights from recent additions to the WE.VESTR Squad:

🌟 Dmitrii Malyshev, CTO: Dmitrii comes from a long background of technology and management. He joined WE.VESTR in pursuit of creating technology that can transform startup markets and ecosystems, something we take seriously over here!

🌟 Lothifa Chowdhury, Head of Sales (London): Lothifa is our partnership guru and boots on the ground in London. Lothifa is all about community-building, and shares our obsession for seeing the hopes and dreams of startup founders come true.

🌟 Giovanna Perim, Head of Customer Success: Giovanna has worked in equity management technology for almost a decade. She's seen a lot of cap tables, and is pretty seriously committed to getting startup equity right!

WE.VESTR Developers Collaborating with Codam Academy During This Year's Hackathon

For Founders, By Founders.

We're a group of entrepreneurs and founders who built WE.VESTR to make shareholder management, fundraising, and employee equity simpler, more transparent, and more inclusive for startups.

Because of our dedication to startups and founders, we've made significant efforts to boost and educate our local ecosystem throughout 2022.

That includes:

💡 10x Webinars on ESOPs, Shareholder Management, Slicing Pie, and Fundraising

👫 11x Partners (and counting) on our Partner Marketplace, the home of special offers from companies that help founders and startups grow

🤓 2x Student Partnerships, including a 48-hour Hackathon with Codam Academy, and collaboration with Hyper Island

That's it for now! Thank you for the support & see you next year.

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