Quarterly Release | Q3 '22

Check out the latest upgrades to the WE.VESTR platform from last quarter.

The Latest WE.VESTR Product Upgrades

It was the “Summer of Refinement” for WE.VESTR. All summer long, we followed a steady drumbeat of improvements to make existing features more useful and stable for startup founders and investors. We also found some time to refine our Padel skills during the company tournament. Iron sharpens iron, right? 😉

WE.VESTR Team Seen Here Accepting All Challengers 🏓

ESOP Upgrades: SARs, Orders & Leavers 🎉

ESOP vs. SARs…tom-ay-to, to-mah-to, right 🍅?  Well...wrong. But, they are the same in that both employee participation plans can now be tracked in WE.VESTR.

Plus, we introduced ESOP Orders, meaning admins can now directly issue shares to employee participants or exercise options that employee participants are owed. Rounding out our refinements to the ESOP feature, we launched ESOP Leavers. Using Leavers, Admins can now terminate grants, cancel vesting, accelerate it or administrate with a combination of both.

ESOP Orders, Leavers, and SARs Plans

Slicing Pie Updates 🥧

The Slicing Pie feature is a simple and easy way for pre-investment ventures to track contributions for future equity. Founders can set multipliers for how much they value Time, Cash, Intellectual Property and CAPEX, and organize the multipliers based on the phase the company is in.

Now, founders can reward future equity for different types of contributions. This includes finder’s fees, supplies, commissions, royalties, and more. We’ve also dramatically improved the layout and UX of the Slicing Pie feature, making it simpler for founders to use.

All-New Slicing Pie Contributions

Stakeholder Permissions 👥

Every stakeholder is unique, so customization is everything! ✨

When adding new Stakeholders, Admins now have additional options for customizing access. Not only can Admins set which features Stakeholders will be able to access and use, but you can also preview/edit the invitation they will receive and even batch permissions between overlapping features.

Customizable Stakeholder Permissions

Currency Updates 💰

We’re diversifying our money! That is, Users can now manage even more currencies in the WE.VESTR Platform, including GPB 🇬🇧 , USD🇺🇸 , and all European currencies 😲.

All-New Currencies

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for next quarter’s release!


Benjamin Roeloffs Valk | Head of Product & Ben Reisler | Head of Marketing

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