WE.VESTR x Codam Hackathon

A recap of our hackathon with Codam College.

Codam Students and WE.VESTR Engineers Working Together During the Hackathon
Codam Students and WE.VESTR Engineers Working Together During the Hackathon

We are thrilled to have partnered with the brilliant minds at Codam College on our latest Hackathon. Codam is a coding academy in Amsterdam that is offering accessible software engineering educations to the largest and most diverse group of students possible.

The Hackathon took place over 36 hours and included two challenges:

☝️ How to gamify or upgrade our software to incentivize more frequent and longer use.
✌️ How to make financial projections more useful, and usable, for startup founders and investors.

After much deliberation and hard work, we have our winners! Congrats to Team WE.WIKI, Dianasaur, and all other teams for bringing so many compelling and innovative solutions.


This team worked to solve the first challenge, incentivizing users to use WE.VESTR more often and/or for longer periods of time.

The winning proposal was a developed solution for WE.WIKI, which would allow users to learn about common corporate finance terminology within the product. The tool would be like Wikipedia, in that users can also contribute knowledge to the tool. In addition to integrating WE.WIKI within the product, the tool can also exist externally to work as a lead generator and SEO mechanism for the sales and marketing teams.

Team WE.WIKI, Glowing in Victory

Team Dianasaur

The second place team was Dianasaur, who with two Dianas on their team, no doubt had a first place team name.

Dianasaur's proposal was in response to both challenges, getting users to use the tool more often/for longer periods of time, and how to make financial projections more useful for startup founders and investors.

Their proposal included a prototype of a reporting tool which would allow users to drag and drop the metrics they wanted to pull from WE.VESTR. These metrics then would result in nicely designed reports within their in WE.VESTR accounts. This makes financial reporting much easier and more professional for shareholder meetings. It also keeps users in the platform for longer periods of time, as it creates a new use case where founders can use WE.VESTR for turn-key analytics and metrics.

Runners-Up, Team Dianasaur

Check out the full recap below:

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