Quarterly Release | Q2 ' 22

The change of season brings more sunshine, warm weather, much-deserved holidays and of course, exciting updates to the WE.VESTR platform. Let’s reminisce a bit on last quarter, shall we?

Quarterly Release | Q2 ' 22

The WE.VESTR product and engineering teams kicked off the quarter with a retreat to Romania, where they collaborated to improve the WE.VESTR platform for you nice folks ?

See below for the team hard at work ?

WE.VESTR Team Seen Here Cooking Up Spicy Product Updates

Scenario Modeling Launch ?

After much anticipation, Scenario Modeling made its splashy entrance into the WE.VESTR suite of features during Q2, and it’s already helping startups maintain transparency with current shareholders and model out potential scenarios with new investors.

Founders can now strategize different fundraising methods and see how their current cap table will be impacted. Get the full scoop below ?

The All-New Scenario Modeling Feature

Introducing: Stakeholder Groups
Do you have a group of stakeholders that you want to give access to your WE.VESTR account? Maybe an accounting firm, lawyers, or a group of shareholders from a crowdfunding campaign?

WE.VESTR users can now add groups of stakeholders to their accounts, rather than only adding stakeholders one-by-one. We say the more, the merrier! ?

Introducing Stakeholder Groups

ESOP Upgrade: Custom Vesting

We think all ESOPs/SARs/Options plans are special and unique, like little snowflakes ❄️

While the original ESOP feature was limited to linear vesting schedules, users can build their options plans with custom vesting schedules. That means all vesting schemes are accepted…heavy-tail, front-loaded, and more. Just think of the options! ?

Introducing Custom ESOP Vesting

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for next quarter’s release!


Benjamin Roeloffs Valk | Head of Product & Ben Reisler | Head of Marketing