Feature Friday #8: Scenario Modeling

The All-New Scenario Modeling Feature from WE.VESTR
The All-New Scenario Modeling Feature from WE.VESTR

Welcome back to Feature Friday, your peek behind the laptop of what we’ve been working on at WE.VESTR! This week, we’re excited to show you the all-new Scenario Modeling feature.

What Does it Do?

The Scenario Modeling feature is the latest improvement to how WE.VESTR helps founders maintain transparency with shareholders and works as a nice extension of the data room WE.VESTR provides founders with to share with potential new investors.

Let's say you're bringing on new investors, but unsure if their investment will be as a convertible note or as a direct cash investment. Both options will result in changes to your current cap table as well different levels of dilution.

With the new Scenario Modeling feature, founders can test out the different fundraising options to show how cap table management will be impacted. Plus, founders can share the different scenarios with their current shareholders to maintain optimal transparency. Finally, investors can analyze how investing in a new venture will impact the venture's cap table.

How Does it Work?

Start by entering in the core details of the fundraising situation that you'd like to simulate:

  1. The Investment Round (Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A, etc.)
  2. The Company Valuation for the Investment
  3. The Valuation Type (Pre-money or Post-money)
  4. The Investment Amount & Share Types
The WE.VESTR Scenario Modeling Feature
Enter the Basics of the Fundraising Scenario

Users can also simulate the conversion of their current convertible notes to see the impact on the current cap table.  

Simulate converting convertible notes with WE.VESTR.
Simulate Converting Various Convertible Notes

Once the simulation information is entered, users can easily analyze how the potential new investment will dilute the shares of current shareholders and how it will affect the shareholder management process.  

Review the Dilution Impact for Various Fundraising Scenarios
Review the Dilution Impact for Various Fundraising Scenarios

If you’d like to try WE.VESTR out and see the Scenario Modeling feature in action, you can book a demo here.