WE.WIKI: The Founders Quick Guide to Equity Management

WE.WIKI: The Founders Quick Guide to Equity Management

WE.WIKI: the hero founders deserve (and the one they need right now too, turns out).

Listen, we get it. Founders have to be many things. The superhero of support for the team. A tech whiz when it comes to product, the moonlighting accountant for finance and the charismatic storyteller when it comes to sales and marketing. As the song goes, and every founder will testify: its not easy to be me. (Five for Fighting, Superman, check it out while you’re reading WE.WIKI, we recommend).

So we figured we’d help you out with fast tracking at least one of you super skills- and understanding equity management dear founders, is definitely a skill worth having on your utility belt.

That’s why we’ve gone ahead and created WE.WIKI, a hub of quick TLDR-gen guides (you’re welcome) for founders, investors, employees, stakeholders with short insights and explanations on all things to do with equity management.

Equity management, especially for first time founders, is daunting and confusing enough as it is. WE.WIKI is here to help demystify some of those complexities so you can make more informed decisions, quicker and with confidence.

Use WE.WIKI for all your equity need-to-know moments. Whether that’s fundraising, understanding the difference between common and preferred stock, getting your head round SARs and ESOPs or just downloading a basic understanding of Equity 101 - WE.WIKI has got you covered.

Why are we doing this? Because simplifying equity management is kind of a big deal for us here at WE.VESTR. We were built by founders just like you.

But that’s a story for another day.