WE.VESTR Monthly | Feb '23 ⛷️

Welcome to the WE.VESTR Monthly, your dose of updates from February.

WE.VESTR Monthly | Feb '23 ⛷️

Welcome to the WE.VESTR Monthly, your monthly dose of updates.


We know you're busy, so here's the summary of the month:

  • 🇬🇧 Live AMA with UK Investors: Join us on March 29th at Rise London for an in-person AMA interview with UK investors! There are limited seats, so register here while they last!
  • 📈 Accounting API Expansion: Learn more about connecting your accounting software to WE.VESTR.
  • 🤩 The Slicing Pie Webinar: We co-hosted a webinar on February 28th with Mike Moyer, the author of the Slicing Pie Handbook.

An In-Person AMA with UK Investors

Join us for drinks and a live AMA discussion about the changing fundraising landscape in the UK. In AMA ("ask me anything") style, guests will be able to ask their own questions to be asnwered in-person, on-stage.

The event will be from 5:30p - 9:00p at Barclay's Rise London.

Featured Panelists:

  • Matt Henningan: Early-Stage Investor at Plug and Play
  • Rosie Phillips: Seed to Series B Investor at Octopus Ventures
  • Piotr Bukanski: Series A & B Investor at Beringea

🚨 Seats are limited, so register below while they last!

Our Newly-Expanded Accounting API

In the spirit of making the lives of founders even easier, we've expanded our Accounting API so that suers can now securely sync Exact and Xero with their WE.VSTR account.

'Beyond Slicing Pie' Webinar

WE.VESTR Co-founder and CEO Floris van Hoogenhuyze, and Mike Moyer, the author of The Slicing Pie Handbook, led a webinar on how Slicing Pie and WE.VESTR make things easier for pre-investment startups, including:

🧩 Setting an equity split that is transparent and straightforward.

⚖️ Tracking cash, time, IP, and CAPEX contribution for future equity.

🤝 Creating a 'pre-cap table' digital ledger of contributions to show future investors.

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