Selling SaaS from South Africa

Selling SaaS from South Africa
Dylan O'Gorman, Business Development Manager @WE.VESTR

An interview with WE.VESTR's Business Development Manager, Dylan O'Gorman.

Welcome to the team Dylan! As our first employee outside of Europe, can you tell us how you learned about WE.VESTR and what about the company drew you in?

I have always been eager to work for a European startup and know that many of the continent's best options are Dutch-founded. I almost thought it too good to be true when I stumbled on WE.VESTR and the opportunity via LinkedIn. What drew me in even further was my interaction with Floris & Maarten from day 1. Their energy, excitement and transparency of the company, and where they wanted to go with a great product (with investment backing), it really pulled me into the world of SaaS and PaaS possibilities in Europe.

What are you most looking forward to as you get started at WE.VESTR?

It's hard to narrow down just one point, however, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be part of an international organization, alongside colleagues from different backgrounds and experiences who bring diversity of thoughts and contributions that I too can learn from.

I'm also excited to share my experience in SaaS and in equity management tools with the European market of founders. Shareholder management is so tricky, and something founders in all markets are trying to get better at.

In your experience, what are the tricks to developing partnerships in the SaaS space?

SaaS is a people's business - to build relationships and close deals, you need to know who you're dealing with, human to human. For me, the steps are simple and it's all about building trust, rapport and a connection.

Firstly, listen to their needs. What are the real-life and day-to-day struggles of people in their business and also in their personal life? For WE.VESTR, that means knowing the details of how founders manage their equity management, shareholders, cap tables and ESOPs - what is their greatest challenge? Secondly and once the person and problem are understood, what kind of solution can I provide in the context of my world? For me, it's important to be able to provide a solution to someone that needs it - I'm not here to sell ice to Eskimos.

Okay, enough about work. What do you like to do on the weekends? What fun South African hobbies should we should know about?

I am a big fitness fanatic and have been since my school days. Right now, I'm all about HIIT training and pushing my heart rate to the limit. In South Africa, we're often blessed with really good sunny weather so outdoor activities are a must and I get my fair share through water sports, running, golf and hiking different terrains. Outside of fitness you can find me entertaining my 5-year old daughter, Willow; by having tea parties, baking, cooking or watching animated movies.

A famous South African tradition on the weekends is to gather with friends and family for a 'braai' (BBQ) - something I look forward to sharing with my WE.VESTR colleagues when we all meet in person.

WE.VESTR Business Development Manager Dylan O'Gorman

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