Feature Friday #4: Document Management

Feature Friday #4: Document Management

Another week, another WE.VESTR feature to preview! This week, we’re excited to show you the Document Management Feature.

We promise this is more exciting than it sounds. In fact, we think the Document Management is an unsung hero of the WE.VESTR platform, and we intend to sing it’s praises today.

As the hub for your company’s equity management and performance reporting, WE.VESTR also helps founders and investors stay organized with a full-suite of options for creating, uploading and sharing documents.

Company, Personal and Meeting Minutes in the Document Management.
  • Create Documents: Draft daily to-dos or generate meeting minutes from shareholder meetings.
  • Upload Documents: Save contracts, shareholder agreements, loan terms and any other documents you’d like to store within the WE.VESTR system.
  • Share or Keep Private: Sort as either a Company or Personal Document to control who is able to see the materials you store in the WE.VESTR system.
Timeline of Upcoming Notifications.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know that it takes a lot more than meeting minutes to keep everything on-track.

That’s why WE.VESTR lets you set reminders for all of your documents.

  • Schedule a Reminder: WE.VESTR will keep you on your game by sending you a reminder for any of the documents that are on a deadline.
  • Set Change Notifications: WE.VESTR can also alert you whenever a specific document has changed.

Thanks for joining us for this week’s Feature Friday. Tune in next time for a look at our Financial Performance features. See you next time!